image4I first became interested in Feng Shui a few years ago. After learning about the positivity that Feng Shui promotes, the amount of Chi that encourages a healthy lifestyle, I enrolled into a Feng Shui course, offered by a very experienced and inspirational Feng Shui Master, Roseline Deleu. This enabled me to learn in depth about the concepts and all aspects of the art of Feng Shui. I successfully graduated, giving myself a different perspective; that encouraged living life to the fullest, enjoying each moment as it comes, appreciating others, while ensuring all the different elements are aligned and in harmony.

The service provided by my business is not about purchasing new items to add to your space. I will focus on items you already have and we will recreate the space to achieve your personal goals by implementing the correct elements to accomplish them. I thrive on helping people and I truly believe the services, which I provide through ‘Manida Feng Shui’ brings happiness and joy to family, friends and clients. If I can help transform one person’s life, like Feng Shui has done for me, all my hard work and determination has been worth while. I am living my destiny and I will aspire to help others do the same.